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About us

InterPop is building the architecture of an entirely new landscape of fandom using technology built on the Tezos blockchain to drive their vision.

Powered by Clean NFTs on Tezos

The InterPop team is continuing to explore how developments in NFTs on Tezos can help shape and expand the systems of fandom — from novel applications in collectibles and gaming to newfound ways to empower audiences with storytelling power. InterPop also recognizes the importance of sustainability across the gaming ecosystem and is proud to leverage development of a low-carbon, clean NFT standard on Tezos.

Who we are

A team of veteran talent in the comics, gaming, and collectibles space.

Led by President and Publisher Brian David-Marshall, fixture of the Magic: The Gathering community from his time working with the game’s publisher, Wizards of the Coast. Working alongside Brian are industry veterans Rachel Gluckstern, editor on Detective Comics and Batman and Robin for DC Comics; Drew Nolosco, who worked on Transformers CCG for Wizards of the Coast; Leonard Perez coming to us from Scopely where he worked on Star Trek Fleet Command; Jason Sharp, co-founder of Same Table, the #1 social app in 50 countries with over 25 million installs; Magic the Gathering Hall of Fame player and game designer Zvi Mowshowitz; and fellow Magic Hall of Gamer Alan Comer who has extensive hands-on experience with the rules engines that make digital card games work; Magic Online, Artifact and Pokemon to name a few; and Kathleen Breitman, creator of Coase, who is serving as a senior advisor.

Emergents on tezos

Redefining and evolving digital outlets to create better game experiences and help you build a digital collection of unique objects that you can buy, sell, or trade as you see fit, using technology built on Tezos.

Not your typical TCG

Emergents TCG is a digital trading card game that brings deck-building and blockchain technology together to provide true ownership — and agency — of your game cards. Creating an experience not unlike going to your local comic shop and buying the new cards you need to continue fine-tuning your deck but your cards are tokenized on the Tezos protocol as clean NFTs where you can trade, sell, or cherish them forever in their digital glory. The Emergents universe offers a lineup of brand new superpowered characters in a TCG.

New comic universes to explore

Their own digital comic universe — featuring three ongoing titles — that enriches the Emergents universe with brand new stories written and drawn by some of the brightest talents in the superhero game. By tapping into the power of Tezos, fans will experience unprecedented new ways to interact with and shape the narrative of those three titles through community governance systems. Readers of the comics will be able to participate in choices that range in scope from the “cosmetic to the cosmic” from issue to issue.


Building a suite of skills-based games that capitalize on the unique features of blockchain technology. The first game in development is a competitive variant of Solitaire that allows users to stake their tez in a prize pool, play the game, and have rewards distributed on a verifiable, secure network.

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